2017.02.09 | CCT

New team member at CCT

Center for Computational welcomed Nick Nielsen as a research assistant in the beginning of 2017. Nick is a familiar face at the Department of Computer Science, where he recently graduated as a Cand.Scient in ICT Product Development. Nick has a lot of experience teaching through the last 3 ½ years where he has been hired at the Department of…

2016.12.20 | CCT

Computational Thinking fosters growth

The Danish Growth Council has recently mentioned Computational Thinking in the report on qualified labor. In the report Computational Thinking is mentioned as one of five “here and now” recommendations. “Computational Thinking is made an integrated part of the curriculum in relevant educations - both in primary school, secondary school, higher…

The five debaters continuing the conversation after the debate aboard Coding Pirates' IT-Piratskib (pirate ship).

2016.06.16 | Debate

CCT at Folkemødet 2016

Director and associate professor Michael E. Caspersen, Center for Computational Thinking, participated in Folkemødet 2016 (The Peoples Political Festival) on Bornholm, debating informatics in school. It was a lively and great debate, and generally there were very positive attitudes toward introducing informatics in school both as a separate…