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Center for
Computational Thinking

Informatics for all


The five debaters continuing the conversation after the debate aboard Coding Pirates' IT-Piratskib (pirate ship).

CCT at Folkemødet 2016

2016.06.16 | Debate

Director and associate professor Michael E. Caspersen, Center for Computational Thinking, participated in Folkemødet 2016 (The Peoples Political Festival) on Bornholm, debating informatics in school. It was a lively and great debate, and generally there were very positive attitudes toward introducing informatics in school both as a separate…

New Center for Computational Thinking

2016.04.01 | Ceremony / opening

Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University has established a new Center for Computational Thinking with a focus on developing informatics as a school subject for all and as a general topic in higher education.


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